MZD Restaurant Equipment

Has been helping restaurants by offering high quality foodservice cooking and refrigeration equipment over the years.

The makings of great restaurant cuisine goes beyond just the ingredients and flavors. It starts with high-quality refrigeration and cooking equipment that you can rely on.

The newest Energy Star 4.0 standards demand considerable feats of engineering to achieve. We have an array of Energy Star 4.0 certified models. Each Energy Star 4.0 model greatly reduces your carbon footprint and saves you considerable money on you electric bill. Many US States even offer lucrative cash rebates for buying commercial Energy Star products.

Our commercial refrigerators and freezers are beautiful, sleek and attractive and include a vast array of options, sizes and capacities to ensure your food products are stored conveniently and safely at optimal cooling temperatures.

Our commercial cooking equipment offers robust BTU ratings, stainless steel exteriors and a beautiful, heavy-duty construction that is sure to help you create culinary masterpieces for many years to come.

24″ Wide Radiant Broiler - 70,000 BTU